Weihai China Bolivia Party Committee held theme party day activities on "July 1st"


On July 1, in order to celebrate the 99th anniversary of the founding of the CPC, Weihai China Bolivia Party Committee organized all party members to carry out a party day activity with the theme of "never forget the original intention and remember the mission". Organize Party members to watch red movies and TV plays, receive red education, review the glorious history of the Party, remember the history and never forget the original intention, stimulate motivation and forge ahead in looking forward to the future, and take the most firm, self-conscious and practical actions to advance and make new contributions in the new era and new journey.
The three branches of China Bolivia in Weihai organized Party members to watch the film and television drama Our French Years. The play tells the stories of young Zhou Enlai, Zhao Shiyan, Deng Xiaoping, Chen Yi, Nie Rongzhen, Cai Hesen, Xiang Jingyu, Chen Yannian, Chen Qiaonian and other revolutionary pioneers who studied in France, found the way to save the country, and headed for the socialist revolution. For their own beliefs and the dignity of their motherland, they went to the road of revolution and fought for it all their lives. It also makes us understand what faith, responsibility, responsibility and life are. Their deeds and names will be immortal and will always inspire our way forward. The secretary of the branch said, let's continue to adhere to the principle of "worrying about the world first, and enjoying the world later", and jointly write a magnificent chapter of our motherland!

CPC Weihai Zhongbo Coated Glass Co., Ltd. Party Committee
July 8, 2020


Weihai China Bolivia Party Committee held theme party day activities on "July 1st"