Warm congratulations on the grand groundbreaking ceremony of the project of China Glass (Weihai) functional Glass Wisdom production Base.


Warm congratulations on the grand groundbreaking ceremony of the project of China Glass (Weihai) functional Glass Wisdom production Base.

At 08:05 on November 8, 2019, the groundbreaking ceremony of the project of China Glass (Weihai) functional Glass Wisdom production Base was solemnly held. Comrade Yu Wenjiang, secretary of the Party working Committee and director of the management committee of Lingang District, and more than 40 leaders of the district management committee attended the foundation laying ceremony. Mr. Cui Xiangdong, President of China Glass Holdings Co., Ltd., Mr. Xu Ning, Vice President, Ms. Liu Qiying, Director of Technology Center, Mr. Ye Zhihui, General Manager of Weihai China Glass coated Glass Co., Ltd., and more than 60 cadres and staff of China Glass attended the foundation laying ceremony.

At the foundation laying ceremony of China Glass (Weihai) functional Glass Wisdom production Base, Mr. Cui Xiangdong, CEO of the company, delivered a speech. He said that Weihai China Glass Co., Ltd. has taken root in Weihai and, after more than half a century of hard work, has developed from an unknown small glass factory to a large online coated glass production base in the country, which has made due contributions to local economic and social development. Especially in recent years, with the concern and support of the party and government leaders of Weihai City and Lingang District, the innovative R & D capability, production scale and output efficiency of enterprises have been greatly improved, and the development prospect is bright! Then it introduces the Zhong Bo (Weihai) functional glass intelligent production base project, which covers an area of about 300 mu and forms a "one body and two wings" layout with the current Weihai Zhongbo base factory area. The total investment is about 1.2 billion yuan and the project is planned to be divided into two phases. Planning and construction include: thin film battery substrate production line, intelligent agricultural greenhouse power generation glass production line, medicinal glass production line, and intelligent processing production lines such as photovoltaic cover glass, photovoltaic glass tiles, door and window curtain wall glass, household appliance glass, etc. After the completion of the project, the annual sales income will be 2.35 billion yuan and the profits and taxes will be 370 million yuan.

Yu Wenjiang, secretary of the party working committee and director of the administrative committee of Lingang District, delivered an important speech, saying that China Glass Group is not only an important enterprise in the domestic glass industry, but also one of the backbone and meritorious enterprises supporting the high-quality development of the Lingang area. Especially since the upgrading of the national development zone in Lingang District, China Glass Group has accelerated its impact on the new goal, achieved a new round of great leap and development, and become a benchmark and model for the whole region to speed up the transformation of new and old kinetic energy. The China Glass (Weihai) functional Glass Wisdom production Base project all adopts high-tech and advanced intelligent production lines, and the product types, technology and performance occupy the commanding heights of the industry, forming a good superposition of new technologies and the integration of new business type, which is bound to promote the aggregation advantage, integrated innovation and cluster development of the construction new materials industry in the whole region. It is hoped that China Glass Group can make continuous efforts, take advantage of the situation, give full play to the exemplary role of excellent enterprises, optimize the brand, expand the enterprise, strengthen the industry, and become a well-known enterprise in China, producing better quality products and creating better performance.