A glass panel strings together an industrial chain



On the morning of Feb. 19, with the promotion meeting of key foreign investment projects in Shandong Province, the new energy functional glass manufacturing project of China Glass Smart (Weihai) Functional Glass Co. With the sound of machines rumbling on the site, an excavator waved its long arm to level the land, an earth-moving truck shuttled back and forth in the site, and staff wearing masks were working in an orderly manner, a hot scene.

  The project has taken root in Lingang, and Xu Ning, vice president of China Glass Holdings Limited, has a lot of peace of mind. "Last year, this project was just a vision, but now construction has already started here, I have to say that Lingang is a piece of fertile land full of miracles." Looking at this site in front of us, Xu Ning could not help but exclaim. In May last year, in the face of the glass industry is generally facing the industry overcapacity, profitability decline, the glass group began to actively seek a new path of development, intends to prepare a new project, the original glass produced in the early processing into new energy functional glass, to meet market demand while seeking greater profits. "In the project site selection, we thought of Lingang." Xu Ning said, "itself in Lingang we have a production base of coated glass, the new project is located here, more able to achieve the 'front plant production, back plant processing' industrial clusters, to complete the upgrade and extension of the industrial chain."

   Strong industrial base, efficient and attentive business environment has also become an "important magic weapon" to promote the project settled in Lingang: open a "green channel", constantly streamline the procedures, effectively reduce the "multiple runs ""up and down", saving 60% of the project cost and speeding up the project; forming an enterprise service "shopkeeper" and arranging for door-to-door service, so that enterprises can enjoy the full time, uninterrupted Quality service. How to choose the location of the project? How to catch the project progress? Can guarantee the early construction and production? In the face of a series of problems of China Glass, Lingang District has taken practical actions - according to the four principles of providing priority planning and land, tailor-made policies, allocating high-quality resources and meeting the needs of production and life, and providing good services, from project establishment procedures, land index application to project commencement.... ...All the matters of China Glass, Lingang District does not do its best. The project started smoothly here, and the good news came from the province - the project was officially included in the list of provincial major projects. At the end of November last year, when China Glass applied for the provincial major project, it was found that there was an important material missing that needed to be approved as soon as possible, and there were only five days left for the declaration. "Don't be anxious, I'll contact you." After knowing the problem of the enterprise, the deputy head of the operation section of the Industrial Information Bureau of Lingang District, the project "store boy" Huang Xin immediately acted, while running the enterprise to assist the application materials, while contacting the District Administrative Approval Bureau to open a green channel, in just two days to do it. "The new project to achieve from ordinary construction glass products to home appliances glass, power generation glass 'magnificent transformation', the value will be multiplied." Xu Ning said the production process of the project is mainly used in Europe's fully automated continuous technology, is expected to be put into production by the end of this year, to achieve sales revenue of 2.1 billion yuan.

At present, China Glass is accelerating the pace of transformation and upgrading, and striving for the full launch of functional glass and new energy technology industrial park. The "one area and two parks" are twin wings of the old and new dynamic energy transformation projects, forming a new glass materials industry gathering area with leading technology, distinctive features and competitive market advantages, and striving to build an international first-class high-tech functional glass and home appliance glass research and development and production base to boost the successive conversion of old and new dynamic energy in Lingang District. Right now, the Lingang District, including new energy functional glass manufacturing projects, including 23 provincial and municipal key projects have started, on the basis of ensuring the prevention of disease, Lingang District, everything around the project turn, everything around the project dry, deepen the four one to promote the mechanism, carry out one-to-one service, first to help investors solve the prevention of disease, land, labor and other issues, to ensure that the smooth progress of project construction, to achieve the first quarter open door.