Cleaner Production Audit and Acceptance Announcement of Weihai Zhongglass Coated Glass Co.


In order to thoroughly implement the "Law of the People's Republic of China on the Promotion of Cleaner Production", according to the former State Environmental Protection Administration's "Notice on the Issuance of Provisions on Cleaner Production Audit Procedures for Key Enterprises" (Huanfa [2005] No. 151), "Notice of the Ministry of Environmental Protection on Further Strengthening Cleaner Production Audit Work for Key Enterprises" (Huanfa [2008] No. 60) and "Notice on Further Promoting Cleaner Production for Key Enterprises" (Huanfa [2010] No. 54) and other documents, Weihai Zhongglass Coated Glass Co. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") carried out the clean production audit from June 2021 to December 2021, and organized relevant experts on December 23 in accordance with the "Clean Production Audit Evaluation and Acceptance Implementation Guide for Key Enterprises". Acceptance Implementation Guide (for Trial Implementation)", the company's cleaner production was inspected and assessed for acceptance on site.

This round of cleaner production proposed 14 cleaner production programs, including 12 no/low-cost cleaner production programs and 2 medium/high-cost programs. 14 cleaner production programs have all been implemented, with a total investment of 19.54 million RMB and economic benefits of 5.0764 million RMB for the whole year. The implementation of the programs has effectively improved production efficiency, reduced production costs, safeguarded product quality, reduced pollutant generation and optimized the working environment. After the implementation of the program, it saves electricity 4,955,000kWh/a, water 6,532t/a, COD emission 0.04t/a, ammonia nitrogen emission 0.004t/a and dust emission 1.2t/a.

After review, the company passed the assessment and acceptance of cleaner production audit.

Since the launch of cleaner production audit, the company has organized and completed 14 cleaner production programs one after another, based on the positive attitude of finding one to solve one problem and overcoming the practical difficulties of tight schedule and heavy task. The implementation of these programs has enabled the company to truly achieve "energy saving, consumption reduction, pollution reduction and efficiency increase".

Through this round of cleaner production audit and the implementation of cleaner production programs, the company has saved water, electricity and other resource consumption, reduced the loss of equipment, extended the service life of equipment, improved the working environment, improved work efficiency, reduced production costs, reduced the emission of pollutants, so that the enterprise has achieved great economic benefits and good environmental benefits, and injected new vitality into the development of the company.