Outlook: the positive side of the strong short-term building materials up trend is difficult to stop (20191108)


Glass: Southern demand is still available, the northern local production restrictions, the market is expected to rise, but the current price is already at a higher level, the downstream products are limited, there is a certain resistance to high prices, the upside will be limited.

North China: terminal demand performance in general, the downstream deep processing enterprises slowed down, the market slightly down risk, but the overall performance of the surrounding market is good, the North China market may have some support. Short-term mainstream is still stable.

East China: the current market supply and demand performance is relatively stable, Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions are in good supply, some specifications are in short supply, the week the price still exists to raise plans, is expected to short-term East China market prices are still a slight upward trend.

Central China: Central China recently raised the atmosphere is thick, low inventory, and stable demand is an important support, late Hubei to non-standard products after the supply of a certain decline, is expected to later still have a small increase may.

Demand is still available, the enterprise inventory is not much, if the northern production capacity reduction, do not rule out the possibility of further increase, but customers still have some of the previous contract implementation, the implementation of the situation depends on the customer situation.

South China: the current market demand for glass in South China is good, a small increase in the ring, the periphery of the price increase is also somewhat favorable, but the North Sea Xinyi late will be out of glass, coupled with the end of the year factors, manufacturers to maintain shipments to maintain a low inventory level.

Cement: supply tension in the north, with the lifting of restrictions on construction, demand rebound or more than supply recovery, prices may rise. East China is driven by demand, prices are expected to continue to move higher, only the southwest decline is still difficult to stop.

East China: the weather improved, Shandong cement demand will be concentrated release, the cement industry will start peak production in the middle, the clinker gap to expand, cement market prices may continue to rise.

Central China: Henan area will maintain the state of kiln shutdown next week, the tight inventory situation will be maintained, cement prices or continue to rise, but the volume of transactions will be reduced because of the lack of supply.

South China: driven by the price increase in Fujian, cement prices in the eastern part of Guangdong are scheduled to increase by 30 yuan / ton, the Pearl River Delta and northern Guangdong market demand to maintain good, there is room for price increases in the second half of the year.