Clean production information disclosure of Weihai Zhongguo New Technology Glass Co.


According to the requirements of Notice on Deepening the Promotion of Cleaner Production in Key Enterprises (Huanfa [2010] No. 54) and Notice of Shandong Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment on Issuing the List of Enterprises Implementing Mandatory Cleaner Production Audit in Shandong Province in 2021 (Luhuan Zi [2021] No. 7), Weihai Zhongglass New Technology Glass Co.

In order to thoroughly implement the "Clean Production Promotion Law of the People's Republic of China", according to the "Notice on Deepening the Promotion of Clean Production in Key Enterprises" (Huanfa [2010] No. 54), "Clean Production Audit Assessment and Acceptance Guide" (Huanban Science and Technology [2018] No. 5), "Clean Production Audit Measures" (National Development and Reform Commission, State Ministry of Environmental Protection Order No. 38), "Clean Production Audit in Shandong Province Implementation Rules" and other document requirements, the relevant information of this company is publicized in order to let the public understand, and also to understand the public's opinions and suggestions on clean production of this company and accept the supervision of the public.

First, the basic situation of the enterprise

Company Name Weihai Zhongguo New Technology Glass Co.
Unified Social Credit Code


Production Address No.516-2, Qishan Road, Cao Miaozi Town, Lingang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Weihai City, Shandong Province
Legal Representative Lv Guo
Contact Person and Contact Information

Gu Zufang  0631-5965329  jnhbb@lanxing.com

The main content of production and management services It mainly deals with flat glass, with an annual output of 10.34 million heavy boxes.


2.the use of toxic and hazardous substances

Serial number Name of toxic and harmful substances Annual usage Uses


Ammonia 7227 tons Flue gas denitrification


3.the emission of toxic and hazardous substances

Category Pollutant name Processing measures Annual emissions (t/a) Emission concentration (mg/m3)


NID Desulfurization




SCR denitration



Fume and dust Fabric bag dust removal




4, hazardous waste generation and treatment and disposal

Serial number Hazardous waste name Annual generation volume Disposal method


Waste denitrifying agent


Entrust a qualified third party to handle the replacement


Used motor oil


Entrust a qualified third party to handle



5. Implementation of environmental risk prevention and control measures in accordance with the law

The company formulates and improves the emergency plan for environmental risks, organizes the drill of the plan; establishes the emergency disposal institution, organizes the prediction, early warning and monitoring of environmental accidents; organizes the training of emergency disposal personnel for emergency knowledge and treatment techniques; collects the information about the occurrence, development and disposal of environmental accidents, grasps the dynamics, analyzes in time and organizes the implementation of Various prevention and control measures; the company for a variety of hazardous waste, separate storage, the development of a detailed management system.

6. Other environmental information

The company strictly abides by and implements national and local government environmental protection laws, regulations and other relevant management regulations. The construction of the project strictly implements the environmental impact assessment of the construction project and the three simultaneous systems of environmental protection of the construction project, and the production operation strictly complies with the national and local laws and regulations on the prevention and control of various pollutants to ensure the effective operation of the pollution prevention and control facilities and the discharge and reasonable disposal of various pollutants to meet the standards.


Weihai Zhongguo New Technology Glass Co.

April 9, 2021