Weihai Citizens' Cultural Center Project won "China Construction Engineering Luban Award" in 2010-2011


The project of Weihai Citizens' Cultural Center, which was built by Weihai Sino-Glass Photovoltaic Co., Ltd, won the "China Construction Engineering Luban Award" in 2010-2011. The project of Weihai Citizens' Cultural Center is also the only photovoltaic building integration project that has won the Luban Award so far.

The Luban Award is the highest award in China's construction industry, known as the "Oscar of China's construction industry", and is selected once a year by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the China Construction Association. Every year, more than ninety projects are selected among tens of thousands of projects in China, which is quite difficult to win.

Weihai Citizens' Cultural Center, located in Qingdao Road East and South Beach Road West, has a total construction area of 63,314 square meters, with four floors, one underground and four above ground, the main body is 32 meters high and the cone is 50 meters high. The Civic Culture Center adopts the PV building integration technology, i.e. installing amorphous silicon thin film BIPV components on the roof, replacing the original roof construction materials with PV modules, forming a combination of PV and building materials, which can be used as building materials as well as generating electricity with green solar resources. Its architectural design fully considers the sustainable development needs of the city, implements energy-saving and emission reduction policies, pays attention to the use of renewable energy, and gives full play to the energy-saving demonstration role of public buildings.

The project is the largest amorphous silicon photovoltaic building integration roofing project at present. All the projects meet the design and specification requirements, and the users are very satisfied.