The company was awarded the title of "Advanced Energy-saving Enterprise in Shandong Province".


In the morning of May 16, the province's energy-saving assessment and reward television conference was held, the meeting grandly commended the 2011 province's energy-saving assessment award-winning enterprises and achievements. Our company was awarded the honorary title of "Advanced Energy-saving Enterprise in Shandong Province" by the provincial government in 2011. Zhang Hui, vice secretary of municipal party committee and mayor, and Xu Lianxin, vice mayor, attended and spoke at the meeting of Weihai Branch. Ltd. Qu Yanchun, deputy general manager of CGST, attended the meeting.

In 2011, under the correct leadership of the municipal government, our company thoroughly implemented the scientific concept of development, in accordance with the spirit of the provincial and provincial governments and the municipal government, always put energy saving in a prominent position, constantly strengthen measures, pay close attention to the implementation of the work, exceeded the 2011 energy-saving targets, and made positive contributions to the city's transformation and restructuring, and achieved significant results.

Zhang Hui pointed out that energy saving and emission reduction is an important breakthrough in the transformation and restructuring, is the implementation of the "ecological city" strategy of the primary task, all levels and departments and the majority of enterprises to resolutely overcome the slack paralysis and fear of fretfulness, unswervingly grasp the energy saving and emission reduction, go all out to complete the binding targets. One should grasp the industrial structure adjustment. To speed up the implementation of new energy projects such as waste gas waste heat power generation of Weihai China Glass production line. Second, we should grasp the source management of energy saving and consumption reduction. New projects should consider the intensity of carbon emissions, and industrial development and energy conservation and emission reduction should be grasped at the same time. Third, to promote energy-saving technology progress. To support enterprises to carry out energy-saving transformation, especially the large energy users, the relevant departments should financially support the large energy users and energy-saving enterprises in energy-saving transformation. Fourth, we must strengthen the supervision of energy conservation in key areas. On environmental issues, we have to enhance the sense of social responsibility of enterprises through regulation, and our entrepreneurs should play an exemplary leading role in this regard.