The leaders of the national water-saving city expert review group inspected our company's water-saving work


In the afternoon of June 26, Deputy Director Tang Yi, a member of the national water-saving city expert review group, accompanied by personnel from the Municipal Water Conservation Office and the Municipal Construction Committee, a group of eight people visited our company to inspect the water conservation work. Sui Xuebin, deputy general manager of the company, Wang Baopeng, deputy chief engineer, Yu Yongtao, director of the gas preservation power workshop, and Gu Zufang, director of the Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Office, received.

The inspection team listened to the report of our company's water conservation work by the leaders and relevant persons in charge. In recent years, our company has used a variety of technical means to strengthen water conservation management, and through activities such as "Water Conservation Day" and "Water Conservation Awareness Week" to raise the awareness of water conservation among employees. The company has invested tens of thousands of dollars in the renovation of water-saving equipment, including cross-flow cooling tower renovation, waste heat boiler condensate recovery and so on. By constantly improving the relevant water conservation system, the company has achieved obvious results in water conservation and won the honorary title of advanced enterprise in water conservation.

Through on-site inspection, the inspection team highly affirmed our water conservation work and put forward constructive suggestions for further improvement of our water conservation work.