Off-line Temperable LOW-E Coated Glass Product Sheet


Off-line Temperable LOW-E Coated Glass Product Sheet

I. Introduction to the production line of off-line toughenable LOW-E coated glass (referred to as "toughenable LOW-E coated glass")

Ltd. introduced a full set of magnetron sputtering double silver temperable LOW-E coated glass production line in 2009.

The loading and unloading system of this production line adopts imported equipment from HEGLAR, Germany, the cleaning machine adopts equipment from BENTELER, Germany, and the complete set of coating unit is produced by VON ARDENNE, Germany.

●Using unique PLC control, providing friendly human-machine interface dialogue window.

●Adopt advanced online and offline measuring and monitoring system to ensure the continuous testing and calibration of product quality.

●Adopt standard modular design with enough cathodes and unique chamber isolation system to produce multiple series of off-line LOW-E coated glass products with off-site toughenable processing continuously, stably and efficiently.

The production line can produce coated glass with the maximum size of 3300×6000mm and the minimum size of 300×700mm, and the annual output can reach 5 million ㎡.

Product specifications

1、Conventional specifications (mm): 2440×3300 2200×3300 2134×3300

2440×3660 2140×3660 2200×3660

Users can choose between the maximum specification and the minimum specification for customization.

2、Product thickness (mm): 3-19 Conventional thickness (mm): 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12

3、Product series: light gray, light blue, net color, etc.

Three, product deep processing instructions


1.1 Before opening the box, please check the package for air leakage, verify the production date and confirm that there is no abnormal phenomenon before production.

1.2 Operators must wear labor protection products (sheepskin gloves, masks; long-haired women should wear hats)

1.3 Please open the box according to the direction indicated by the arrow on the wooden box, and place the film face in on the cutting rack. Please note: the last piece of coated glass in each box has the opposite direction of the other pieces, please flip it before cutting to ensure the film surface is up when cutting.

1.4 The unpacked glass must be cut within one shift (8 hours).

1.5 Cutting automatic film removal shall ensure clean film removal and no wavy burrs.

1.6 Special cutting oil for toughenable LOW-E coated glass shall be used for cutting, and the amount of oil at the knife mouth shall not exceed the width of the film removal.

1.7 The breaking table shall be kept clean and free of broken glass.

1.8 The stacking of toughenable LOW-E coated glass must be put on the shelf in strict order from the largest to the smallest, and isolated by using neutral cardboard or self-adhesive small rubber wood pad.

1.9 Fill in the process card and record the production date and time.

2、Grind the edge and cleaning

2.1 Adjust the belt clamping thickness to the right position, and ask for two inverted corners and small inverted corners on the film surface.

2.2 The temperable LOW-E coated glass with good edge grinding should be rinsed with clean deionized water, and then enter the cleaning machine for cleaning.

2.3 The brush of the cleaning machine should be special brush for temperable LOW-E coated glass, and the height of the brush should be appropriate.

2.4 The water temperature of the washing machine should be controlled at 30-40℃.

2.5 Operators must wear labor protection products.

2.6 The requirements for putting the shelf need to be consistent with the requirements for putting the shelf when cutting.

2.7 Check whether the process card production time is overtime, such as no packaging seal can not exceed 8 hours.


3.1 Adopt forced convection type tempering furnace.

3.2 Tempering must keep the film surface clean and cannot be wiped with alcohol when there are stains.

3.3 The same batch of toughenable LOW-E coated glass processing parameters should be consistent.

3.4 Processing process parameters of convection tempering furnace: (The following data are for reference only, customers need to adjust according to their actual situation)

Product type Upper temperature (℃) Lower temperature (℃) Heating time (S)

5mm offline toughenable LOW-E

coated glass 700 720 245

6mm offline toughenable LOW-E

Coated glass 700 720 290

4. Handling

During the process of putting on and taking off the tempered LOW-E coated glass or handling, you must wear good gloves and forbid your fingers from touching the film surface directly to prevent saliva and sweat from contaminating the film surface.

IV. Precautions

1、When unpacking, please check whether the grade and series marked on the label and certificate are consistent with each other, if not, please contact us in time.

2. Different series of toughenable LOW-E coated glass are strictly prohibited to be used in the same building façade.

3、Please contact us in time if you encounter technical problems that cannot be solved by yourself during the hot processing.

4、Tempered and unprocessed LOW-E coated glass should not be mixed.

5、Temperable LOW-E coated glass is not allowed to be used for glass curtain wall when its grade is qualified.

6、The storage period of the whole box of tempered LOW-E coated glass shall not exceed 6 months (counting from the date of production).

7、Temperable LOW-E coated glass must be hollowed together within 24 hours.

8、Temperable LOW-E coated glass should be stored in a dry and clean environment.

9、After opening the box, the remaining toughenable LOW-E coated glass in the box should be encapsulated and protected according to the initial packaging method in the market.

10、If the compensation is caused by the quality problem of the temperable LOW-E coated glass itself, our company's reasonable compensation to the customer is limited to the product itself, to replace the product with the same delivery condition as the original delivered product or to refund the equivalent amount of the product payment.