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One-way see-through glass

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One-way see-through glass is also called atomic mirror, single-sided mirror, SLR glass, double-sided mirror, and one-way glass. It is a kind of glass with high reflectance to visible light.


When using the product, the reflective surface (mirror surface) must be facing the light or facing the outdoor side. When the outdoor is brighter than the indoor, the one-way see-through glass is similar to the ordinary mirror, and the indoor scenery cannot be seen outdoors, but the indoor scenery can be clearly seen indoors. When the outdoor is darker than the indoor, the indoor scenes can be seen outdoors, and the outdoor scenes can also be seen indoors. The degree of clarity depends on the intensity of the outdoor illumination.

Use environment

Unidirectional see-through glass is mainly suitable for concealed observation windows and holes. Can be used in public security bureaus, detention centers, police stations, prisons, courts, procuratorates, karaoke, offices, kindergartens, mental hospitals, schools and other special places.

Installation method

1、The unidirectional see-through glass is divided into front and back sides. The front is a glass mirror to reflect the light. When installing, the front should face the monitored room (ie, the space to be observed, such as the space where the suspect is located); the opposite face should be towards the judge's location (ie, the monitoring room).

2、The light intensity of the monitored room should ensure sufficient brightness. The brighter and stronger the light in the monitored room, the more obvious the one-way perspective effect of the glass.

3、In order to achieve the best one-way perspective performance of glass, ceiling lights are not installed in the monitoring room in principle, and no other light source is allowed. If there are windows next to the monitoring room, opaque curtains must be installed, such as sealed curtains used in hotels. When using, it is recommended to turn off all lights in the monitoring room.

4、If it is necessary to use lighting in the monitoring room, it is recommended to use point lights, such as writing desk lamps (the lamp cover is opaque), to reduce the range of lighting, and to control the light ratio between the monitoring room and the monitored room at 1: 3. , Or a lower ratio, to ensure the unidirectional perspective performance of the glass is intact. Note: The light cannot be installed directly behind the glass, so as to avoid the reflection of the personnel image in the monitoring room on the glass surface.

5、In order to enhance the overall reflectivity of the one-way glass, it is recommended to install a spotlight above or below the glass mirror to enhance the overall reflectance of the glass mirror and improve the one-way perspective effect of the glass.

6、The actual distance between the monitored personnel and one-way transparent glass should be kept at ≥ Above 1 meter.

7、One-way see-through glass is special glass. When installing, care must be taken to protect the glass mirror surface. Once the mirror surface is damaged, it cannot be repaired.

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