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Online Solar Control easy-cleaning Reflective Glass

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Product Description

It is a new type solar control coated glass that features high visible light transmittance, low reflectivity and easy thermal processing. This glass production adopts a world advanced MOCVD technology accomplished by applying a continuous & even oxidized metal deposition on the hot float glass substrate surface. Its durable, transparent tough coating offers better thermal/optical qualities. It is an ideal option for new top architectural glass.

Main Characteristics

1. High visible light transmission: It features a high visible light transmission ratio and superior lighting functions which could potentially save a significant amount of energy. Additionally, the use of this glass is comfortable on the eyes.

2. Low reflection: It features a low reflection of visible light and is efficient in reducing light pollution. Its high transmission coating can vividly reflect natural trees and buildings. It provides a bright and clear view through the glass.

3. Outstanding sunshade function. It can efficiently block sun emission to protect rooms from summer heat thus reducing the use of air-conditioners.

4. Low UV transmission. It features a lower UV transmission ratio. It can efficiently block harmful radiation from sun. This slows down the fading and premature aging of indoor decors.

5. Superior chemical stability of the coating. It can efficiently resist corrosion and damage from outside pollution due to its compact fabric coat and smooth surface. Its hard coat is a feature that provides anti-friction properties. There is no degradation in the glass function even after tempering or additional thermal processing.

6. Easy for additional processing. It can be easily cleaned due to its special fabric coating. It is resistant to oil stains, fingerprints, and dust. Even if it comes in contact with the above, no marks are left on the coating after thermal processing.

7、This product provides a multitude of options for any building in energy conservation and aesthetics by reflecting away the sun’s heat. This glass can provide an aesthetically pleasing building.

Main specs(mm)

3300×2440 3300×2200 3300×2134 3300×1830 
2440×1830 2440×1650 2200×1830 2200×1650

Thickness(mm):4 5 6

Color Options:Bluestar Green, Weihai Blue, Ford Blue, Blue Star Gray, European brown and others.

Note: Blue Star Glass can customize coated glass according to given specifications and colors from our clients.

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oduct Name Transmittance UV light transmittance Visible light sunlight Total solar energy transmittance Shadowing Coefficient radiance SHGC K Value K Value
transmittance reflectance Direct transmittance Direct reflectance (daytime in Summer) w/㎡.k (daytime in wintter) w/㎡.k
% % % % % % % SC   SHGC
5mm Weihai Blue VT — 55 14.12 54.93 22.05 44.21 15.62 53.9 0.61 0.83 0.56 5.272 5.843
6mm Weihai Blue VT— 50 13.7 50.24 22.14 39.96 15.47 50.72 0.57 0.83 0.532 5.243 5.808
5mm Ford Blue VT — 50 14.59 48.67 15.75 42.35 12.89 53.15 0.6 0.83 0.556 5.272 5.843
6mm Ford Blue VT — 45 12.45 42.33 15.66 35.43 12.52 47.98 0.54 0.83 0.51 5.243 5.808





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