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Join conditions

1.Determining the franchise distribution level

The franchisee must determine the level of distribution, and the franchisee must pay a performance bond by level.

A provincial dealer deposit of 500,000 yuan / year;

B. Developed region cross-city and municipality-level dealer deposits of 200,000 yuan / year;

C. Provincial capital cities and less-developed regions, cross-regional city-level dealer deposits of 50,000 yuan / year;

D area dealer guarantee 30,000 yuan / year;

2.Determining the amount of tasks at each level

Class A: 100,000 heavy cases / year;

Class B: 50,000 heavy cases / year;

Class C: 30,000 heavy cases / year;

Class D: 10,000 heavy cases / year.

3. Other conditions:

A. Have experience in distributing coated glass, and the distribution time is more than 3 years.

B. There are a certain number of high-quality salesmen.

C. Good credit standing and strong solvency.

D. Obey Party A's marketing management and cooperate with Party A's direct marketing activities.

E. Even shipment every month.

Joining rules

1. Obligations of franchisees

(1) Franchisees must obey Party A's marketing management and strictly implement the marketing policies formulated by Party A.

(2) The franchisee must strictly implement the market price stipulated by Party A, and must not dump at low prices or impact other markets.

(3) Franchisees are not allowed to distribute various products similar to Bluestar produced by other manufacturers.

(4) The franchisee must maintain a certain amount of inventory, establish a distribution network, and report to Party A for record.

(5) Franchisees at all levels are obliged to report to Party A in detail the local market conditions and samples, prices, sales conditions and consumer opinions of other similar products.

(6) Franchisees at all levels are obliged to carry out local advertising campaigns on Bluestar products, increase Party A's products' local market share, and enhance the corporate image and economic benefits of both parties.

2. Party A's obligations

(1) Party A is obliged to provide corporate promotional materials, samples and other promotional materials.

(2) Party A has the obligation to send personnel to assist in opening up the engineering market and establishing a marketing network.

(3) Party A is obliged to fund certain advertising expenses for franchisees.

(4) Party A has the obligation to notify the franchisee of the inventory of each product and arrange delivery.

3. Policies that franchisees can enjoy

(1) Price policy: enjoy preferential prices for contract prices and special products in the distribution process.

(2) Market protection: Party A and Party B sign an annual sales contract and the franchisee pays a performance bond and completes the agreed sales volume on a monthly basis. During the contract period, Party A will no longer develop other dealers.

(3) Guarantee the source of supply: The franchisee will declare the monthly delivery plan on a monthly basis in accordance with Party A's requirements. Party A will guarantee the timely delivery in accordance with the provisions of the confirmation. Declaration so that Party A can arrange production according to the franchisee's delivery requirements.

(4) Reward policy: Franchisees can get corresponding rewards if they strictly implement the corresponding clauses according to the contract.

4. Confirmation of the order

Product specifications, prices, quantities, and shipment periods are confirmed on a case-by-case basis in each transaction, and their details are set out in the Product Delivery Confirmation.

5. Payment method: take delivery with payment.

6. Mode of transportation: can be picked up or consigned

7. Other agreed conditions: detailed instructions when signing the contract

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