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CNG is a member of China Glass Holdings Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Building Materials Group. China's major flat glass and coated glass production and service providers account for more than 50% of the domestic market for coated films.

The company was founded in 1965. Weihai headquarters has three float glass production lines with a daily melting capacity of 1350 tons / day. There is also an offline Low-E production line and a BIPV module production line. It is planned to build Shandong Province Functional Glass Smart Factory Demonstration Park which an area of ​​264 acres.

Winning honors such as "China Famous Brand" and "China Well-known Trademark".

The company holds and shares in Weihai CNG New Technology Glass Ltd.,ZhongBo Technology Co.,Ltd.LinYi CNG New Materials Technology Co.,Ltd., Weihai China Glass Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., Weihai Bluestar Technology Industrial Park Co., Ltd., Weihai China Glass Import and Export Co., Ltd. Company, China Glass Intelligent Manufacturing (Weihai) Functional Glass Co., Ltd., Weihai China Glass New Material Technology R & D Co., Ltd., Wuhai China Glass Special Glass Co., Ltd., Nanjing China Glass Special Glass Co., Ltd.

Our company mainly produces and sells high-end float tinted glass, online and offline temperable low-emission (LOW-E) coated glass,online and offline solar control coated glass,online Sun-EⓉ etc energy-saving coated glass,and online solar easy-to-clean coated glass. It has five series: green, gray, blue, tea, and gold, more than ten kinds of color products. And we have the ability to develop other color series products for the market in a timely manner.

The company's cooperation with Zhejiang University, Tsinghua University, and Weihai CNG New Material Technology R & D Co., Ltd. is a combination of advanced glass technology R & D and production factors in the domestic glass industry. It is a successful example of the combination of production, learning and research. The series of products such as online coatings jointly developed have advanced manufacturing technology and high technical content,complete product series, stable quality, excellent performance, deep processing properties such as tempering and hot bending, and enjoys a high reputation in domestic and foreign markets.

The company has online Low-E glass and TCO glass technology and owns a full set of independent intellectual property rights for this product. It is outstanding in the field of coating technology research and development.

The products are exported to North America, EU, Russia, Australia, Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, South Korea, Taiwan and more than 100 countries and regions.

Weihai Zhongbo fully promotes capital diversification, market internationalization and modernization of management, perfects its marketing network and technological innovation system, and strives to march towards domestically outstanding and internationally renowned large-scale glass manufacturing service providers! Weihai Zhongbo wholeheartedly hopes to cooperate with customers To build a bridge of friendship and add glory to our lives together!

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