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AR glass can also be called anti-reflection glass, which is the abbreviation of English Anti-reflection glass.


1、Visible light transmittance peak 99%

The average visible light transmittance exceeds 95%, which greatly improves the original brightness of LCD and PDP and reduces energy consumption.

2、Average reflectance is less than 4%, and the lowest value is less than 0.5%

It can effectively reduce the lack of whitening caused by the strong light behind, and enjoy clearer image quality.

3、Brighter colors and stronger contrast

Makes the image color contrast more intense and the scene more clear.

4、Anti-ultraviolet, effective eye protection

The transmittance in the ultraviolet spectral region is greatly reduced, which can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays from harming the eyes.

5、High temperature resistance

AR glass temperature resistance > 500 degrees (generally acrylic can only withstand temperature of 80 degrees), in addition, cold and hot deformation of AR glass can be almost ignored, suitable for all kinds of environments; At the same time, AR glass has a glass sense, the appearance is more beautiful.

6、Best scratch resistance

The hardness of AR glass film layer is similar to that of glass, more than 7H (generally the hardness of PC board is about 2H to 3H).

7、Resistant to various cleaning agents

The film is not damaged by wiping with acid and alkali cleaning agents.

8、Strong impact resistance

The impact performance of 3mm thickness glass is equivalent to 6mm acrylic.

9、Keep perspective

Generally, the angle of view of acrylic will become smaller after installation; and the angle of view of AR glass will not become smaller after installation.


The flatness of the AR glass surface is much better than the acrylic coating, and the larger the size, the more obvious the difference.


Use environment

High-definition display environments, such as the use of products, require high definition, rich colors, clear layers, and eye-catching. For example, watching TV wants to watch high-definition 4K, the picture quality must be clear, the color must be rich in color dynamics, reduce the color loss or the place where the color difference can reach, such as museum showcases and displays; optical instruments, telescopes, digital cameras, medical Equipment; machine vision includes image processing, optical imaging, sensors, analog and digital screen technology, computer technology, etc., as well as art exhibition glass, watches, etc.。

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