Talent concept

Employment mechanism:
Adhering to the company's core philosophy of "pursuing excellence, creating perfection", we constantly improve and develop the human resources system of the company, and provide guarantee for the company to better absorb talents. Provide a platform for competition and development for talents through competition, job adjustment and other methods. At the same time, through continuous improvement and improvement of the training system and incentive mechanism, employees will continue to improve their own quality, enhance their self-worth, and let Blue Star grow and progress with Bluestar.

1. Clear job responsibilities, in accordance with the principles of "openness, equality, competition, and merit", implement competitive posts and two-way choices, identify talents through competition, discover talents, rationally allocate talents, and strive to achieve "the best use of talents."
2. The implementation of on-demand post, appointed by post. Sign the job appointment to the competitive personnel at the same level, clarify the relationship between the unit and the individual's “responsibility, power, and profit”, manage according to the contract, and conduct assessment according to the target responsibility of the post;
3. Establish a talent evaluation mechanism, formulate job evaluation methods according to the characteristics of the post and the actual situation of the enterprise, and combine the results of the assessment with the selection of personnel, job promotion, reward and punishment, exemption, resignation and dismissal, etc., to be responsible for the post, easy to pay, easy to pay, real The formation of personnel can enter and exit, the position can be up and down, the treatment can be high and low employment mechanism.
4. Perfect welfare benefits. Provide “five insurance and one gold” for employees; provide irregular training for employees and improve their vocational skills; organize employees to conduct medical examinations every year; enjoy legal holidays and paid annual leave.


Open, equal, competitive, merit-based


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